Song Of The Day 5/3/2013: Dawes - "Time Spent In Los Angeles"

LOS ANGELES -- L.A., all of a sudden, has stopped disappointing me. It's still an intimidating beast in a lot of ways. A place where the shuffle of personalities and the pressure to define yourself in a way that seems marketably feasible still exists. But I actually like it now. Maybe I could work with this. Behind the scenes. I don't have to be the champion of anything now. A lot of my life's settled. This is a town of wanderers. Almost completely informed by transience. I could be their beacon, their lighthouse. I might have answers. I could just set up shop in a café and have an aura. They'd love that. I could probably make ten bucks an hour sitting in a coffee shop and dispensing my aura. And making tapestries.

There you go. 'Til next time, City of Angels. Thanks again.

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