Song Of The Day 5/5/2013: Jane Siberry - "Hockey"

I originally timed this to be Song Of The Day at the commencement of the Stanley Cup playoffs, but Metal Week happened. I'm going to blame everything on Metal Week. This is my favorite song ever written about sports, because it doesn't use sports as a metaphor. There have been plenty of songs that do that -- some good ones, some that were a little uncomfortable, and some that make me cringe. Jane Siberry brings it all back to what all sports are about: Sunday afternoons. And prideful admiration -- the lyric "This stick was signed by Jean Béliveau, so don't fucking tell me where to fucking go," especially in this song's context, is one of the few lyrics I remember laughing out loud over when I first heard it. I didn't even know who Jean Béliveau was. And still don't. Googling foreign words frightens me.

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