Song Of The Day 5/7/2013: Evy - "Chaque, Chaque Fois"

"Chaque, Chaque Fois" is the fetching 1964 French version of the song "One Way Ticket (To The Blues)," the B-side to Neil Sedaka's 1959 hit "Oh! Carol." Neil's version starts with a line about a "choo-choo train." I don't think that's how this version starts out, because translators on the interwebs are telling me the phrase "chaque, chaque fois" translates to "each, each time." Also, Neil's version does not discuss the matter of him being tied up to a chair by a threatening yet adorable chanteuse. It does look like she's getting a lot accomplished without the hassle of waterboarding. I love the rhythm guitar line in this version.

I have no suitably large picture of Evy that I can put in the header, so this is a picture of casual-looking youth in Paris during the early '60s. The world's my stock photo.

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