Song Of The Day 6/15/2013: Mayer Hawthorne featuring Jessie Ware - "Her Favorite Song"

Mayer Hawthorne is one of my favorite new pop musicians, and Jessie Ware is one of my newest favorite new pop musicians. (Yeah, I have an AP Style Guide but it's not in a place I can reach.) I know first-hand that Mayer's a Hall & Oates guy, so you know that wins points with me.* This is from Mayer's upcoming album Where Does This Door Go. Although I rarely post brand-brand-new stuff here because of my tenuous grasp of tastemaker lingo, I have to put "Her Favorite Song" up. It's a very nice song to launch summer with. I also greatly appreciate the fact that the karaoke video Mayer provided us contains lots of shots of yachts. It's comforting to know that in our efforts to validate Yacht Rock, we have someone on the inside.**

*You know, maybe I should just have a damn Hall & Oates week already. They play the same role on this blog that Mel Torme did on Night Court: the lead character's main pop obsession that just keeps getting mentioned but rarely if ever shows up.

**Oh, shoot. Just thinking about Yacht Rock week now. I have to cut this crap out. 

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