Song Of The Day 6/24/2013: Les Charlots - "Sois érotique"

Scopitone Week: Les Charlots ("the clowns" or "the idiots" according to Wikipedia) appear to be France's equivalent of the Bonzo Dog Band: a bunch of talented musicians who lent their wares to the service of comedy. There is a legend that they went out on tour with the Rolling Stones in the late '60s. At that time the Stones were frequently late for their appearances. They were tardy so much that eventually Les Charlots started playing "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" to tease the crowd or goad the Stones. Mick Jagger was not... well, actually, from what I hear, he was kind of amused.

You can probably tell from viewing "Sois érotique" why I had no option but to put it up here. A straight-on parody of legendary lustmaster Serge Gainsbourg's "Je t'aime moi non plus," it's a little hard for me to make out the plot. But judging from the video, gentlemen who appear to be on the French version of Hee Haw aren't getting any, at least not as much as Gainsbourg does, and have to dress up as women to satiate their desires. I'm sure there's more to the story than that.

In fact, if any of my old buddies in France want to have a go at translating the lyrics (or if you're a journeyperson French translator yourself), that'd be great! I'd give you credit. I tried using the many translators available online, but they had their limits. According to Google Translate, the final lines of the song are "Yesterday I went to the doctor / And I'm gonna take a drug / Who will leave the teeth." Unless this is a mash note to novocaine, I don't think I'm getting anywhere.

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