Song Of The Day 6/9/2013: The Ferrets - "Don't Fall In Love"

Since these Song Of The Day theme weeks have been working out beyond everyone's expectations (note to self: write Oprah a thank-you note, lavender-scented), I've made the editorial decision to do more of them. Scopitones Week is coming up June 23-29. And after seeing a rash of videos like today's feature, I've decided the next one should be '70s Australian Rock. There's a peculiarity to Down Under music from that time. Australia's the most remote English-language country in the world, and the isolation resulted in some intriguing bands that never struck gold off their own continent. A lot of the lyrics are, if not sheerly scatological, then cheerfully perverse. (Seriously, we could fill this entire week with songs from Skyhooks and we'd all be roguishly satisfied.)

So I'm decreeing July 7-13 as '70s Australian Rock Week, and here's a countryfied little preview of "Don't Fall In Love," a #1 Aussie hit from a band called The Ferrets. Because they're called The Ferrets. No further explanation needed, I trust. (Note to self: Paul Hogan wants his "real knife" back -- retrieve it from Johnny's crib.)

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