Song Of The Day 7/17/2013: EBN - "Psychoactive Drugs"

Emergency Broadcast Network (EBN) was a multimedia remix organization, for lack of a more educated way of putting what they did into words. But you can pretty much tell from this presentation: They chopped up lots of television material and put it into song form. I recall seeing the stupendous video for "Psychoactive Drugs"on television. Since it came out in 1992, a time when I didn't have cable for most of the year, I want to say I actually saw it on broadcast television. Possibly, and I hope to God this is true, NBC's Friday Night Videos. But I think that would be a near impossibility because of the, you know, subject matter. I probably saw it on Night Flight or something like that, but I swear it was on the TV. Which would fit EBN's whole objective, since they were theorizing about the control television inflicted by proxy on us before the internet came around. Which of course made everything better, right?

You can see EBN's truly cranium-blowing videos at the personal website of its frontman, Joshua L. Pearson (no relation). I believe he's the gentleman who narrates the introduction, and appears in quick cuts towards the middle and end, looking like he's taken great advantage of the many opportunities pharmaceuticals have to offer.

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