Song Of The Day 7/18/2013: Vikki Lawrence - "And I'll Go"

I was looking for something by Sonny Curtis. I figured he must have had some other record to his credit besides the theme to The Mary Tyler Moore Show, "Love Is All Around." I'm sure he does, but at first I couldn't find anything on YouTube except the original version of "Love Is All Around," plus a 1980 country version. I also realized -- I did not put two and two together before -- that he wrote the rock standard "I Fought the Law." Oh! And did you know this, 'cause I didn't: Curtis was buddies with Buddy Holly, and after Holly died in that 1959 plane crash, Curtis joined the Crickets and took over lead vocals. They actually did the original version of "I Fought The Law," as well as "More Than I Can Say," which was a big hit for Leo Sayer in 1980. That's right. I uncovered all this in ten minutes. Who's in the Illuminati? I'M IN THE ILLUMINATI! New World Order, you guys! Now go get me and Jay-Z some tater tots while we do some freemason shit to Alex Jones' credit report!

This is another Bacharach-aping but nice song Curtis wrote, recorded by Vikki Lawrence. Who became a comedienne, changed her spelling to "Vicki," and joined The Carol Burnett Show in the '70s. And then starred in a sitcom called Mama's Family... or was the "family" just a front for a rogue faction of the Order of The Eastern Star? It's all connected! Open your eyes, man!

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