Song Of The Day 7/27/2013: Radiation City - "I Would Hide/Hide From The Night"

Sorry I'm late with today's SOTD. The next two nights I will probably be late as well. That's because I'm attending the Capitol Hill Block Party. That's the thing every summer where they take three blocks of Seattle's most culturally vibrant, artistic and stimulating neighborhood, and hand it over to the Phi Delta Theta fraternity of the University of Washington. Well, just tonight anyway. There were a lot of both sexes there today, but for some reason I just kept running into duuuuuuudes. They high-fived a lot. I high-fived one of them back, even. I finally ducked into the neighborhood lesbian bar just to get some respite, which I did, for about 10 minutes. Then the duuuuuuudes showed up and danced to Janet Jackson songs the DJ was playing. I had hope, once, I remember. I had hope of a vital career in the arts, a bright promising future in a sturdy economy. But today, it was enough to remember when I had hope of getting through the crowd at the Girl Talk show just to get to the exits before my kneecaps fell out.

Okay, it wasn't that bad. And I got to see Radiation City, a band from Portland whose new album Animals in the Median is a big summer favorite of mine. Go see them now before Joe College mistakes them for barristas and tries to order a macchiato from them.

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