Song Of The Day 8/13/2013: Chris Arles - "Walk On The Wild Side"

Quarterly Covers Report: Lou Reed has given this cover of his best-known song his official stamp of approval. In fact, Reed led me directly to Chris Arles' version himself. Um, via his Twitter account. Not me personally; we haven't spoken in 17 years. And... okay, that was the only time we've ever spoken, at a signing at the Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard. (I have to tell that story one day. It's one of my favorite anecdotes involving my friend Ian and his deep reserve of chutzpah.)

As far as Arles is concerned, information on him is scant. All I can find is that he hails from the four-island country of Mauritius, a Creole outpost in the Indian Ocean about 1,200 miles east of the African continent. He also has a degree in biochemistry. I'm with Lou -- I like this version. It veers a little towards triple-A but it's got some interesting strains to it. You should know by now that I will mindlessly flock towards any recording that features a girl speaking in French. Very inconvenient in certain pastry shops.

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