Crowdsourced Songs Of The Day 9/8/2013: Pee Wee King - "Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me" + "Kentucky Waltz"

Here's the deal, cowboys: As of right now (20 minutes before this posts) I've been up for 36 hours straight. For reasons I won't get into it's been a whirlwind, mostly positive 36 hours. I'm about to collapse. No way I'm coming up with something cogent for SOTD. Not even close. Thankfully Sean Brown has been prodding me to talk about Pee Wee King, and I do plan on doing that, but not at this point in time. But I will put two of his songs up for SOTD today. Here's more information about his life which some people may find useful. I'm sure at some point tomorrow I'll resurrect my own narrative and everything will be just ducky for Monday. For today, thanks, Sean!

Ah, crap, need to get a picture too, here it is. Hello, pillow.

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