Song Of The Day 9/10/2013: Mystikal feat. Nivea - "Danger"

I watched John Oliver's turn as guest host for The Daily Show all summer and thought he did a superb job, even managing to create a meme in the process regarding New York mayoral candidate and serial dolt Anthony Weiner. This was spurred on by the revelation that Weiner used to sext using the pseudonym "Carlos Danger." I wanted to write a piece on the whole thing, but realized the joke was going to write itself in near perpetuity. It would keep on giving. In sadder news, my online Blogger dictionary recognizes the word "sext" and does not suggest a replacement.

Anyway, every time Oliver made a reference to Carlos Danger on TDS, a funk song would start playing behind him. It sounded like James Brown shouting "Danger!" Then Oliver would do a little groove-dancing, which we found out later was an involuntary reaction. Wondering what song they were using, I managed to find out it was rapper Mystikal's "Danger" from 2001, which was a fairly sizable hit on the pop and R&B charts which I wasn't following at the time. Here it is to satiate your desire to hear the whole song in full.

Have you tried the "Carlos Danger Name Generator" on Slate? Mine is "Gilberto Furtive."

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