Song Of The Day 9/15/2013: Martin Mull - "The Humming Song"

Martin Mull is, researchers now believe, the person who originally came up with the dictum "Talking (slash writing) about music is like dancing about architecture." The quote's been attributed to many others in the past, including Laurie Anderson, Frank Zappa, Steve Martin and Elvis Costello, but they think they've nailed down Mull as the guy. (Costello actually credited Mull the third time he made the quote.) Personally I disagree with the sentiment as writing about music remains my most likely source of income and I've got tickets for the big dance party I.M. Pei's throwing next week, but it's clever enough. Mull was in position to make that acclamation as the composer and performer of I'm Everyone I've Ever Loved, a 1977 song-oriented comedy album. It's not perfect. Some of it's a little smarmy and the self-references can be a little awkward. But "The Humming Song" is fairly funny. No explanation necessary from my end as Mull expounds upon it himself in the introduction. I believe (but can't 100% confirm) that's Billy Crystal playing the role of the interrupting anti-filth crusader.


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