Song Of The Day 9/19/2013: Hayes Carll - "She Left Me For Jesus"

I haven't featured this song on here yet? I've let a whole year and a half slip by without ever once featuring this song? You guys are supposed to be checking me. You're my quality control. One of you really should have piped up on this omission. Although I blame myself, really. Ah, whatever.

This is the greatest country song of this millennium. Nothing approaches it. It should be chiseled in the set lists of all country cover bands currently operating today. Even Hank Williams cover bands. Just rearrange it to sound like a Hank song. You will get girls. Or guys, if that's your thing. Change up the pronouns. Whatever you have to do. This should be just as famous as David Allan Coe's "You Never Even Called Me By My Name." Make it happen. I want your report on my desk first thing in the morning.

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