Song Of The Day 9/22/2013: The Peddlers - "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever"

I know the question you were asking yourselves the moment you got up this morning: "Say, I wonder how Paul and Kate's Breaking Bad binge watching is going?" Happy to update. We finally got to Season 5, through Episode 4. We've been watching the entire show since July 25. We have scheduled our viewings -- god, we have scheduled our viewings -- over the next week to ensure that we'll be completely caught up on September 28, one night before the series finale. No TV show has ever made me feel this way. No TV drama has ever treated me so well. I should really send it some flowers, or maybe they'd prefer the severed head of an informant attached to the shell of a tortoise. No smoking, please.

They don't do a ton of montages, but when they do they kill on the musical accompaniment. This song was on Episode 3 of Season 5, as "Vamanos Pests" was setting up shop. The meat-slab thick layer of irony was again intact, right down to the band's name: The Peddlers. Good one, Vince! They were a pop trio from England who practiced for a few years in the '60s and '70s. I've long had a soft spot for "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever," especially Mark Eitzel's version, but this take is the best I've ever heard, and has the coolest drum pattern I've experienced in a long time. Dig the organ freakout. It actually sounds like a reasonable simulation of the meth experience. From what I've heard about the meth experience, which... well, isn't that much. My life hasn't had a lot of corrugated tin roofs in it lately, though I'm sure that can change at any moment.

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