Song Of The Day 9/24/2013: Marah - "Punk Rock Radio"

This is Marah, a great band I keep forgetting about from time to time through no fault of their own. Stephen King is a big fan of theirs. They started out as an Americana/folk/country deal, but as mid middle of last decade came around they were doing a better Springsteen than Springsteen. In fact, Springsteen's joined them onstage at least one time that I know of. They released the greatest-titled debut album of all time in 1998: Let's Cut The Crap And Hook Up Later On Tonight. "Punk Rock Radio" is the final song on the album, previously a hidden track. I'm uncertain of the original central point of this song/spoken-word monologue, but for me it's hearing Serge Bielanko say the band name "Cor-ro-sion of Con-formity." Listen to the whole thing. It's not actually 6 minutes and 23 seconds long. There's an extended silence during the final part of the track. Maybe there's a subliminal message attached. Let me know if pictures start falling off your wall or something.

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