Song Of The Day 9/27/2013: Kincade - "Dreams Are Ten A Penny"

Dammit. I knew I was asking for trouble after I programmed yesterday's Song Of The Day. Anytime I think of something from the early '70s with rolling acoustic guitar patterns and an infectious, poppy melody, inevitably, without fail, at some point my mind will drift to this song. And I've always resisted putting it up as Song Of The Day because it's almost too obvious a choice. Not to you, maybe, but to me. But once the earworm starts it directly interferes and disrupts almost anything I have to do until I finally expunge it. My wife and I went to our kids' school's curriculum night tonight and the only thing I took away from it (except not to bring nuts to school) was that goddamn Kincade song. It got too persistent. I had to remember how to politely nod as if I was following everything the teachers were saying.

And then, of course, I questioned my parenting skills. Am I leading my children down a path of educational disinterest and mediocrity just because I can't get this piece of bubblegum pop music out of my head? "Children reading competencies state standards coping mechanisms arithmetic functions down time JENNY JENNY social skills please pay up for the year's field trips DREAMS ARE TEN A PENNY no more morning recess budget cuts cultural sensitivities LEAVE THEM IN THE LOST AND FOO-OOO-OOU-UUUND..." How am I supposed to explain to my kids that they're most at risk from their annoying savant of a dad's inability to turn off the broken jukebox currently malfunctioning in his hypothalamus?

So here. I'm foisting it upon you. It's for the children.

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