Song Of The Day 9/6/2013: Joe Walsh - "Things"

Wednesday night I went to see the Eagles play at Key Arena for a review I finished for MSN. You recall that I have previously taken a somewhat dim view of this California-based band. I won't scoop my review of the show. It should be up after my editors have whacked it up with a polo mallet (don't know if you've noticed but I can go on a bit sometimes). However, I will reveal one aspect of the show that was truly heartening: Based on my own in-the-moment, audio straw poll, who's America's favorite Eagle? Joe. Joe Walsh.

Joe got the biggest ovations of the night. I assessed as much from listening to which Eagle's actual name was shouted out the most. Nobody screamed "Don!!!" Nobody screamed "Glenn!!!" But they screamed "Joooooe!!!!" And I was cheered by that. The general population bypasses the somber, lemony sarcasm, Whitmanesque isolation, druggily misogynist and polemic harangues of Don Henley. They evade the drunken, faux-sensual, frat-boy-in-the-badlands schtick of Glenn Frey. They head straight to Joe, neither arrogant nor conceding, cocky in a pleasant manner, a bag full of punchlines in his rear pocket, overall just happy to be here. That's my guy. I don't do well at protests or social mixers with the sorority. I'm going to hang out in the basement with the electrician. We might start a house fire so make sure you're parked near the frontage road.

Anyway. I like Joe Walsh. America likes Joe Walsh. In fact, America needs Joe Walsh. He's staying across the hall so don't leave your valuables in your room.

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