Songs Of The Day 9/18/2013: The Soft Boys - "That's When Your Heartaches Begin" + "The Book Of Love"

I suppose I should be holding these back for the next Quarterly Covers Report, but I've been running on fumes of ideas this week so I'm a bit desperate for last-minute choices. Besides, these two songs are a couple of my favorite covers of all time, so it's an easy choice. These are the last two songs on Disc One of The Soft Boys: 1976-81, a collection that was put out by Rykodisc 20 years ago. I doubt it's currently available. The Soft Boys were of course the launch project of Robyn Hitchcock, and also featured guitarist Kimberly Rew, who still ranks as the happiest guitar player I've ever seen live. This was at the Crocodile Cafe when the Boys were touring for their brief re-formation in 2001. I'm serious. Kimberly Rew was beaming the entire show. Of course, he's probably been pretty happy since he wrote Katrina & The Waves' smash, oft-licensed hit song "Walking On Sunshine," so he'd probably be wearing a grin if he were shoveling out a horse stable.

These two covers were recorded live at the Portland Arms, a pub in Cambridge, and originally released on the album (wait for it) The Soft Boys Live At the Portland Arms. I don't want to spoil the surprise as to why they're so wonderful. You'll get it soon enough. Baaa-aa-aa.

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