Song Of The Day 10/18/2013: Brian Eno - "King's Lead Hat"

This song is from Brian Eno's Before And After Science, probably his catchiest album (well, except for Music For Airports, heh) and one of the first albums I ever owned that could to some ears be categorized as "experimental." It was actually more of a pop record, but I was a teenager trying to nail down the whole Holden Caulfield thing. Definitions weren't my bag. The song title is an anagram of "Talking Heads," and apparently all Eno was shooting for was to pay tribute to the band, who'd basically just got started. Eno wound up producing three of their records after this. Hey, if making up an anagram of your favorite musicians' names puts you in the running for a production job, then all I have to say is: Lice Lose Volts! Swami Tot! Salad Ethanol! Bitchy Cock Horn! DAC/C! 2U!

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