Song Of The Day 10/24/2013: Jeff Lynne - "Every Little Thing (12" Remix)"

What we have for you today is the most glorious unnecessary remix in the history of 12-inches. This is a reworking of the opening track from Jeff Lynne's 1990 solo debut album Armchair Theater, a simple, 4/4, kind of Orbison-y rock song that needs nothing added to it. In fact, there's really not a whole lot you can do with the original song that won't sound tacked on, or appended like a tail-on-the-donkey. But bless his heart, that's what Lynne allowed to be done to "Every Little Thing," or possibly did himself, since there's no specific mention of who produced the remix. I'm not sure who this recording is intended for. Dance clubs? Stereo demonstration record aficionados? Late night college radio DJ's who needed to play something long so they could sneak some smoke in the hallway?

Here's the original on Spotify for you, if you're into the whole brevity thing.

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