Song Of The Day 10/25/2013: John Cale - "Fear Is A Man's Best Friend"

Halloween Week: Yeah, boo! and all that. Last year I think we gave Halloween so many Songs Of The Day, it was like a saturnalia combined with a sukkoth. Overkill. This year we're only giving Satan's holiday a week, and it's his own fault that he couldn't adjust to our new entrance fees. Looking at the list of songs I have prepared for you in this year's eisteddfod of ghastliness and consternation*, most of them don't involve scary, fictional creatures or ghouls or the like (this week will be a zombie-free zone which has not happened in the general public since, oh, 1972 or so). Most of them involve the terror of the mind, the awful over-extensions of unchecked psychosis, a wayward breakfast item, and a pretty detailed how-to on how to properly dispose of the bodies. That one I'm looking forward to; I don't often get the chance to dispense practical advice on this blog. Today, though, we begin with the mission statement as put forth by John Cale. This is his third Song Of The Day, which is a record for this blog. I'm sure he's updating his dossier of notable accomplishments now.

* Yeah, you heard me. "Sukkoth," "eisteddfod," "consternation." Nobody rocks the online thesaurii and reverse dictionaries like me. What can I say, Call Of Duty's not my thing; I have no daddy issues to avenge, unless you have a spare. 

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