Song Of The Day 10/7/2013: Dr Syntax - "Hire Me"

I'm feeling nominally better now. I decided for a few days that I'd post as little on the social media as possible. This was for two reasons: (a) I was in an exceptionally negative, corrosive state of mind in which I was so agonized by The Current Employment Situation that my functions of speech atrophied because I had no questions and had already answered everything myself, so therefore didn't think I should really be talking to anyone, and (b) I was editing a book for money. Before you get excited, it was a very small amount of money. And you won't believe what kind of book I was editing, either. I'm not going to tell you what it was, but try this: Ask yourself, "What kind of book would be the absolute last (well, second to last) kind I'd expect Paul Pearson would edit?" Go ahead, think about it. I predict one of your first three guesses will be the exact genre I was working on this weekend. For money. But not too much. (I'll give you a hint: It's non-fiction.)

Anyway, screw it, moving on. I was going to put up another song from the annals of Tom Caruana, my favorite working hip hop producer. The song was "Are You Serious?" by the Brighton all-star group The Menagerie (and in fact it was live on this blog for about 15 minutes a week ago by mistake). But after skulking around Elemental's page of Menagerie videos, I discovered this song by Menagerie associate Dr Syntax. Yeeeeah, probably should go with this one instead. Here you go, hiring managers of the world. Just order that Employee Of The Month plaque now.

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