Song Of The Day 10/9/2013: The Paley Brothers - "Ecstasy"

I used to get the Paley Brothers mixed up with the Keane Brothers, who did yesterday's SOTD. Could be semi-understandable. They were all brothers with five-letter surnames and they trafficked the musical world at approximately the same time. The Paley Brothers were a great lost power pop artifact from the '70s. Andy Paley in particular had a great career as a studio accomplice to people like Madonna, Brian Wilson, Jonathan Richman and the Ramones.

I bring them up with the Keane Brothers because long ago, when I lived in Los Angeles, I actually played with Jonathan Paley. We met when I first played with my esteemed colleague Harvey Sid Fisher. Jonathan was in Harvey's backup band -- can't remember if he played bass or guitar -- and I had signed on as keyboardist. Anyway, at our first meeting I recognized -- or thought I'd recognized -- Jonathan Paley's name. I think I might have said, "Oh wow! I remember your TV show!" I believe Jonathan returned my conversational volley with a blank stare. I was thinking of the Keane Brothers. It was years before I realized what a stupid thing I'd said.

However, in my defense, I'm almost positive I did see a feature on the Paley Brothers in an issue of Dynamite magazine in my youth. So that's where the synaptic gap stemmed from. I must have assumed that the Paleys had the TV show because they were covered in a youth-oriented teen mag.

I regret the error. Things like this now keep me up at night. Man, do I have amends to make or what?

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