Song Of The Day 11/7/2013: Kate Rusby - "Withered And Died"

My counsel has advised me not to talk too much in public forums about my latest series of personal and career self-assessments, despite the fact that they're the only honest assessments I'm getting lately. But I understand. Fair enough. My complaining about them doesn't usually get any meaningful reactions, except a bunch of exhortations to "hang in there."

I've been "hanging in there." I've been "hanging in there" for years now. I've been "hanging in there" so much, you could squeeze an exhaust pipe through my belt loops. I've been "hanging in there" so long, the neighborhood kids drop by once a week and beat me with a stick until a bunch of Starburst fruit chews pop out of my shirt. So please, if you're about to tell me to "hang in there," trust me, I've been "hanging in there" for years and years and years. It hasn't worked, but since giving up has such a stigma, and would at least temporarily inconvenience my family, I therefore have to keep "hanging in there." Please be assured: I am. I have. I am well-hung. It's accomplished nothing, but I guess I have no other realistic options.

This song's by Richard Thompson. I've featured him a couple of times already on this blog, so here's a version of "Withered and Died" as done by Kate Rusby. "The End of the Rainbow" seemed a bit much.

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