Song Of The Day 11/8/2013: Altered Images - "Happy Birthday"

My daughter Lucie turns 9 today. Here's an update on her progress throughout the last year.
  • Princess phase officially over. Now she's into some unfocused hybrid of cats and anthropomorphized wizardry. 
  • Very much up on the Seahawks, and the NFL in general. Told me the other day she wouldn't want Richie Incognito to be on our team. 
  • Is drawing her own manga characters.
  • Is learning algebraic functions.
  • I think she's got a crush on teen celebrity Ross Lynch. She did a web search on him. She downplayed it. Personally she doesn't strike me as the kind of woman who'd lose her head over a guy. I suppose we'll find out in -- oh, God, five years?
  • Work still continues on the restaurant she wants us to open. Everything's going to be customizable. If you ever thought too much choice was a bad thing, you better hit McD's.
  • Speaking of, has not yet eaten anything from McDonalds, ever, in her life. I finally broke down and got some Mighty Wings in a moment of weakness. She remains chaste.
  • Thinks Monsanto's a bunch of twerps.
  • Still hasn't heard G.G. Allin.
  • Strikes me as being less of the homecoming queen type, more of the world domination type. That should be an interesting stationery order.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.

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