Song Of The Day 12/1/2013: Justin Timberlake - "Blue Ocean Floor"

Favorite Songs Of 2013: Or, The Kid Gives Out A Certificate Of Participation To The Wheels Of Commerce. This is the last song on the first of the washer/dryer combo unit Justin Timberlake offered in 2013 entitled The 20/20 Experience. I liked the first volume of this series well enough, but got really excited with "Blue Ocean Floor" as it laid out the promise that JT, whom I greatly admire as an overall celebrity, would push some experimental buttons on the second set. Unfortunately he did not, as this blowhard music critic observed, but that didn't dim my appreciation for "Blue Ocean Floor," a truly heart-stopping moment. I'm hoping once he gets a little older he flips out and does something totally revolutionary and artistically satisfying. He could call it The Nearsighted Experience. Or The Cataract Experience. Maybe *ASTGMTSM. Whatever; as always, I'm open to consult, my expenses are reasonable and can be paid in subway tokens.

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