Song Of The Day 1/10/2014: Madonna - "Act of Contrition"

B-Sides Week: The B-side to "Like a Prayer" was also the last song on the album of the same name, squeezing out every last drop of the sacramental hoedown that pissed off Pepsi more than it bothered the Pope. That's Prince on guitar, although reports differ as to why. That's also a choir led by none other than gospel luminary Andraé Crouch. The choir's parts were originally recorded for the "Like a Prayer" song, but Mads took 'em out to the woodshed and appropriated them for "Act of Contrition" as well. As for the piece itself, well, Madonna's trying to clean out the catechist closet before heading to that velvet rope in the sky but she gets her prayer mixed up with her Monkey Bar reservation, and the last laugh's on her.

Once, just for fun, I played this song on the jukebox at a Round Table Pizza in San Francisco. I was then escorted out of a Round Table Pizza in San Francisco. I work in mysterious ways.

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