Song Of The Day 1/24/2014: Ice-T feat. Chris "The Glove" Taylor - "Reckless"

Before They Were Famous: Ice-T was the first rapper I ever became a big fan of, after he developed gangsta rap. There's a ginormous divide between Freedom Of Speech... Just Watch What You Say and one of his first recorded appearances, on the soundtrack of Breakin' in 1984. Ice played a club DJ in both Breakin' and Breakin' 2, which concerned itself with the matter of electric boogaloo.

"Reckless" is about as far away from the artistic and narrative blueprints of "6 In the Morning" as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but I have to say I love the electronic drums and scratches on this song. This ain't nothing to be ashamed of, though I understand Ice is none too fond of either entrant in the Breakin' series (believe it or not I've never seen either). I get that whole thing, wanting to disavow some of the more adolescent building blocks of our musical upbringing. Have I ever told you about my Billy Joel phase? (It's starting! It's starting again! I knew it!)

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