Song Of The Day 1/25/2014: The Temptones - "Goodbye"

Before They Were Famous: To wrap up this week of baby photos, I am triumphant yet again in finding a way to wedge a Hall & Oates reference into this blog. You will never stop me. You can't stop me. I'm going to do doughnuts on your lawn with "Rich Girl" blaring out of the Kenwood speakers in my Tercel. Just pull up some lawn chairs and enjoy it.

The Temptones were the Philadelphia soul group Daryl Hall was in when he first met John Oates. They won a talent contest sponsored by none other than James Brown himself, the prize being a contract with local label Arctic Records, working with Philadelphia legends Gamble & Huff, and probably a little trophy or something. Although the Temptones were very popular as a live act in Philly, the records didn't translate into chart successes. Arctic dropped them, one of them got drafted into the Vietnam Conflict, and that was for the Temptones. You can hear Hall's vocals on the other side of the confidence he developed in the '70s.

That's it for Before They Were Famous Week. We'll now move on to After They Were Arrested Week. (Or something else.)

The Temptones pose with the Temptations in Philadelphia. Daryl Hall is second from the left.

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