Song Of The Day 1/8/2014: Squeeze - "Trust"

B-Sides Week: In America "Trust" was the B-side to Squeeze's signature hit, "Tempted." In other regions it was the B-side to "Is That Love." It was produced by Roger Bechirian and Elvis Costello, who had worked together on Costello's fifth studio release, also titled Trust. However, "Trust" did not appear on Trust, though Squeeze's Glenn Tilbrook did. Tilbrook and Chris Difford wrote "Trust," so why would it have been on the Costello album anyway? Forget that whole line of discussion. It's possible that "Trust" was inspired by Trust, I suppose, but other than that, and the fact that a lot of people who worked on Trust also worked on "Trust," there's no connection between the two.

That was a remarkably stupid paragraph and I'm surprised I'm going to leave it intact. But I worked too hard on it, so forget it. "Trust" is Squeeze's very serviceable impression of Adam & The Ants, who were known for their chic-pirate getup and promising to stand and deliver stuff. Squeeze were from Deptford. I have no jokes about Deptford.

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