The Complete 56th Grammys On My Twitter Feed (@paulshrug)

Frank Sinatra's "Man And His Music" upsets the Beatles' "Revolver" for Album Of The Year! #GRAMMYs #WestCoastTapeDelay

Daft Punk and Nelson Eddy in full RCMP drag win! #GRAMMYs

Starland Vocal Band nabs Best New Artist! #GRAMMYs #WestCoastTapeDelay

"She eat your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer." It is officially no longer "too soon." #GRAMMYs

For crap's sake, how many awards is Christopher Cross going to win tonight? #GRAMMYs #WestCoastTapeDelay

And that is why you buy more Gary Clark Jr. albums. #GRAMMYs

Major upset - Jethro Tull wins Best Metal Recording! #GRAMMYs #WestCoastTapeDelay

If nothing else, tonight's #GRAMMYs were a big win for the relevance of grand pianos.

"Which one's P!nk?" #GRAMMYs

Once again, P!nk wins the Grammy for Least Agoraphobic. #GRAMMYs

In a cunning twist, P!nk's big costume change involves her putting clothes *on*. #GRAMMYs

I understood not one syllable of Black Sabbath's intro of Ringo Starr. ROCK STILL LIVES. #GRAMMYs

Well oh well, the Staples Center's supply closet of grand pianos is sure getting a workout tonight. #GRAMMYs

Lemme tell ya, those Milli Vanilli boys have a bright future ahead of 'em! #GRAMMYs #WestCoastTapeDelay

I wonder if I can hire LL Cool J to hyperbolize at my kids' birthday parties. #GRAMMYs

This Kendrick Lamar/Imagine Dragons performance brought to you by Clorox. #GRAMMYs

After the show, Kendrick and Imagine Dragons immediately returned to their posts as orderlies at Cedars-Sinai. #GRAMMYs

Imagine Dragons relaxing backstage: #GRAMMYs

Merle Haggard sings "We don't smoke marijuana in Muskogee," avoids eye contact with Willie Nelson. #GRAMMYs

That's Omar Hakim playing drums w/Daft Punk & Pharrell & Stevie Wonder & Nile Rodgers. #GRAMMYs #RevengeOfTheMusicNerds
(Hakim retweeted this one!)

Daft Punk Is Helping Me Program The VCR At My House #GRAMMYs

Sorry guys, I used up all my Metallica jokes on Lulu. I got nothing. #GRAMMYs

I like that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis boy. #GRAMMYs

Portnow! He's here! PORTNOW IN THE HOUSE! #GRAMMYs

Called Album Of The Year again! AGAIN! Fear me! FEAR ME! #GRAMMYs #daftpunk

And now, in closing, here's some dystopian hellscape for you, with special guest Lindsey Buckingham. #GRAMMYs

This has been a historic night... for my Twitter feed. Goodnight! Drive safely! #GRAMMYs #GoHawks
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