Song Of The Day 2/18/2014: Brian Eno & John Cale - "Spinning Away"

This song reminds me of my old friend Mykel. We worked in the word processing pod at Marsh & McLennan in San Francisco. We'd occasionally introduce each other to new or unfamiliar music. When I got to work one day, I planted the Eno/Cale CD Wrong Way Up on his desk, and left a Post-It note: "Track #6!!!!" I may not have used that many exclamation points. Anyway, Mykel really liked it. This was in 1990. Two years later I left San Francisco. Three years later Mykel left the entire world. So this song has always represented change to me, often catastrophic, but usually opportunistic. Since things've been slow here lately, I'm putting this up in hopes it'll kick something in the nards and get this steam train moving again.

Tomorrow we will have a counterpoint from The Jazz Butcher.

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