Song Of The Day 2/22/2014: The Real Kids - "All Kindsa Girls"

No real agenda with this song, it was just on the schedule. I just throw things on the schedule. Enables my dictatorship fantasies. All great fascist states start with paperwork.

Unfortunately this means I have no idea how I'm going to set it up. I have no angle. Well, there's possibly an angle, but I'm not ready to use it yet, as it will depend on concepts and narratives that I have yet to introduce on the blog. I was going to, but the timing got all messed up. But I didn't have time to think of another song. So now I have this one, completely divorced from any rhyme or reason. I just have to whip out the biography and hope something falls out.

The Real Kids were from Boston, led by a gentleman named John Felice, who was in the original version of Jonathan Richman's Modern Lovers. They were friends with each other. They shared a passion for the Velvet Underground, as did we all. The Real Kids were huge in Massachusetts and went through drugs, presumably drinking, breakups and reunions. Sometimes they played outside the immediate area. Their debut album was awfully nice.

Just mail me the Webby Award for writing now. I'll assemble it at home.

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