Song Of The Day 2/25/2014: Deep Freeze Mice - "I Vote Conservative ('Cos I'm In Love With You)"

The Partisan Divide: I had to go across the pond for one of the conservative mockers. I was looking for songs that had fun with conservatives, not writs of contempt which I found plenty of. Even going British and working in the surprisingly broad realm of songs against late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, I had a hard time finding a song that could be construed as a joke. You had Elvis Costello's "Tramp the Dirt Down," the Beat's "Stand Down Margaret," Morrissey's "Margaret On the Guillotine," which actually got him in trouble. Even Pink Floyd's "The Fletcher Memorial Home" is more dystopian wit than Wilde-an. Way to take the gas out of the party, Roger. Roger!

Then I stumbled upon this sweet little '50s-esque number from Deep Freeze Mice. It gets the nod over the Not Sensible's "I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher" because, well, that one's just animalistic. "I Vote Conservative ('Cos I'm In Love With You)" is tender and truthy: "And now I realize that all I ever truly desired was a government based on common sense." I bet that looks great on a cake.


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