Song Of The Day 2/27/2014: Randy Newman - "A Few Words In Defense Of Our Country"

The Partisan Divide: CAMBRIDGE, MA -- For reasons I'll hopefully have the chance to explain later, right now this moment I'm near the cradle of American civilization. Holy cow, there's a lot of "squares" here. You got your Central Square. You got your Copley Square. Kenmore Square, Harvard Square, Kendall Square, Hollywood Square, Breakfast Square. Also, what's with the low temperatures being in the teens? Did you not see my specific instructions? What part of "Line space heaters back-to-back along Commonwealth Avenue" isn't in your phrasebook? Don't tell me it's dangerous! This is 'Murica! We face danger every day on TV!

Anyway, what better site than the birthplace of our nation to introduce Randy Newman's anticipation of our death? This was written in 2007, and somewhat famously adapted into a New York Times editorial. I don't know if I'm in complete agreement with Randy's assessment though. As long as we have Steak & Shakes we still got a leg up on Belarus.

To wrap up tomorrow, we're ganging up on everyone, left and right. And properly, we're outsourcing the job.

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