Song Of The Day 2/28/2014: Billy Bragg - "Ideology"

The Partisan Divide: All right, I've been out of communication for the last 24 hours or so. (Remember last night's blog from Cambridge, MA? I'm back in Seattle now, 16 minutes ahead of my 12:01am deadline). So I trust that this week of back-and-forth left-and-right sniping has cured all our political scientific ills and we've all made a resolution to see past our differences and into the humans our material forms contain. Everybody broke bread for dinner, right? It's all fixed? There's no rift we can't dissolve through mutual understanding and doubt-benefit-giving?

Well, if not, here's Billy Bragg (another Englishman) to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Just substitute the word "Congress" for "Parliament" in the lyrics and we'll all be on the same PowerPoint. See you tomorrow.

Photo by Kris Klug

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