Song Of The Day 2/6/2014: Easy Going - "Fear"

Claudio Simonetti is the Brazilian-Italian prince of low-budget horror soundtracks. He was somewhere in the area with his band Goblin while they were making the brilliant score to Suspiria. They were also featured on the international cut of George A. Romero's original Dawn of the Dead. In his spare time Simonetti had the Italo disco band Easy Going, which was pretty much Simonetti and a shaker full of pseudonyms. Easy Going had a few club hits with rather unambiguously-titled tracks like "I Strip You" and "A Gay Time Latin Lover." I however like their song "Fear" (the third SOTD in the last year to bear that title, by the way), which chugs along like Moroder on promethazine, and would sound more fearful if they didn't already sound disembodied. It's almost eight minutes long. Perfect wakeup music.

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