Song Of The Day 3/23/2014: Self Defense Family - "Nail House Music"

New Music: Since so much of Song Of The Day's content lurches back to decades-old catalog items, archival videos and prehistoric etchings on cave walls, I thought it would be a nice idea to spend a few weeks during the calendar year desperately attempting to prove that I do, in fact, listen to a lot of new music. So there'll be three, maybe four individual weeks this calendar year that will have nothing but recent stuff, preferably from the last twelve weeks or so. It'll all come from albums that I liked very much according to my notes. Yes, I keep notes on every new album I listen to. I don't know if that makes me thorough and organized, or if it sets me up to be the psycho killer in the next season of True Detective. The family thinks it's cute.

ANYWAY, Self Defense Family's Try Me is one of those albums I had an inkling to repeat. They're from New York State. They were previously known as End Of The Year. They're actually more of a collective (I don't know why I have such an aversion to that word lately) with around 15 members who drift in and out of whatever pieces are being played. The focal point is Patrick Kindlon, who has Henry Rollins' ear for melody, is unafraid of opinion, and provides as direct an access as a musician can get to his audience. Try Me holds together very well, especially given that it's interrupted twice by an extended interview with porn actress Jeanna Fine, who was apparently a big influence on Kindlon's efforts towards fantasy management as an adolescent. (Look, coming up with euphemisms is no walk in the off-street recreational scenario.)

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