Song Of The Day 3/4/2014: Frankie Avalon - "Venus" (Disco Version)

Errant Disco Decisions: Really, this is one you can file under "You Can't Blame A Guy For Trying." I would have been disappointed had Frankie Avalon not given his signature hit the disco treatment in 1976. Just in terms of physical presence and suavity, Avalon would have been right at home at Studio 54, if everybody hadn't already seen him frolicking on the sand with Annette in Beach Blanket Bingo. He had the hair, quite frankly. Avalon, of course, is the one teenybopper superstar who always had a healthy sense of humor about himself. So even this discofied rendition of "Venus" still sounds like the joke's somehow on us. It bears enough of a resemblance to Jack Jones' theme to The Love Boat that I can't help but feel like we've hit upon Aaron Spelling's own Rosetta Stone with this lil' canto.

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