Song Of The Day 3/9/2014: Orson Welles - "I Know What It Is To Be Young"

I first heard this song on the trailer of a Swedish (I think it was Swedish) movie that seemed to be a coming-of-age story about three girls. I suspected the movie might devolve into softcore porn. But the song was fascinating, so I scoured the internet until I found that it was a latter-day spoken-word recording by Orson Welles, who voiced the role of Unicron in the animated Transformers movie in 1986, among other minor things. His appearance on the trailer of this Swedish chick flick was domineering and, in a way, threatening, like a shivering soothsayer of elusive youth. As I had a birthday last Friday, it seemed that putting this obscurity of the disenchanted cocktail set would be a pathetic, wrenching move on my part, and I'm only too happy to do it. It's the best meditation on age and memory I've heard since Ted Knight's rendition of "A Man Who Used To Be." When I die, bury me beneath the Hollywood Squares.

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