The Daily Show's #mcconelling meme: I'm all over it. (UPDATE. Probably a lot of 'em.)

Last night on The Daily Show Jon Stewart threw down the #mcconnelling challenge, in which fans were encouraged to take this content-deficient YouTube promo video for Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell and replace the soundtrack music -- literally the only sound on the video -- with colorful song choices of their own. Those of you who don't think I would participate in something like this, we probably have not met.

I came up with five in one hour. I decided to share my modest contributions with you here. It is almost criminally easy for you to get in this action using YouDubber. Then you can come up with masterworks like these:

In other news, no, I don't have a life.

UPDATE: Let's just admit that I'm going to stay on this as long as I have decent ideas. It's open-ended.
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