Song Of The Day 4/13/2014: J. Geils Band - "Musta Got Lost"

It's Alive: A week of some of my favorite live recordings. Nothing more complicated than that. Most of them are cut from the cloth of R&B and blues, which wasn't strictly intended, but that's fine with me. What I am gonna do, fire myself?

The J. Geils Band. The pride of Boston, the city I almost moved to this year. That rare band in which the person it's named after is maybe the fourth most recognizable person in the band, after Peter Wolf, Seth Justman and Magic Dick. Although it's kind of unfair to be in a band with someone named Magic Dick and expect to get too many look-sees in your direction. If you're interested, Geils is second from the right in the photo below. Also, Peter Wolf and I share the same birthday, March 7. That was my proudest shared celebrity birthday until I learned Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston was also born on March 7. This tangent has sure gone off into a fascinating direction, hasn't it?

The live version of "Musta Got Lost" is one of my favorite things to listen to, and yes it's because of the extended spoken riff Wolf goes on before the song actually starts. I actually transcribed the introduction once and read it from a sheet of paper at a "Cocktail Hell" show once. I sounded much different than Peter Wolf, though. Closer to Wolf Blitzer. That's why both of them make the big bucks.

If by chance I do go into producing burlesque shows as a career I promise to give one of the dancers the name "Raputa The Beauta." It'll be big in Boston.

(Wait, wait! Before I forget, just thought you should know that the #1 most-viewed Songs Of The Day from 2012 and 2013 both ran on April 13 of their respective years. So if tradition holds, here's your #1 Song Of The Day for 2014. At least my numerologist says so.)

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