Song Of The Day 4/26/2014: The Kinks - "Get Back In Line"

You Pick The Artist: Finally, Julie van Arcken gave me the Kinks, which caused more than the usual back-and-forth and hemming and hawing at first, but was made immeasurably simpler by their catalog not exactly being a high priority on Spotify. That is, I couldn't find Arthur there, so "Victoria" was out. Not many of the selections from the period when they were doing practically nothing but concept albums were available. Thankfully my favorite Kinks album it total, Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, which wasn't available for the longest time, somehow became present on our favorite Swedish subscription outlet in the last few months. That gave me a solid three songs to choose from: "Top of the Pops," "This Time Tomorrow" and "Get Back In Line." I chose the last one. It was impossible to overlook its unemployment angle, and its wistful self-cancellation like the kind that has affected some of us over the last six years, and emboldened others, like Cliven Bundy. (Oh, the little paramecium apologized? Great. We'll put him right back in the self-cancellation column then.)

Thanks Julie! And thanks all of you. This was very successful. I made a whole 46 cents from Google Ad Sense this week because of you. We'll do it again, probably in October. It will come without warning, so just keep hitting refresh on your browser for the next six months.

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