Song Of The Day 4/4/2014: Laughing Hyenas - "Hell's Kitchen"

They All Scream: Beaver Gonzalez suggested this song for the Week Of Screams from Laughing Hyenas, one of two bands during this very special week from Ann Arbor, MI. I'm ever so glad he did. "Hell's Kitchen" is three minutes and twenty seconds of esophagus-mulching, unconscious inarticulate fury from John Brannon, who occupies a zone very few people ever have in terms of sheer endurance. This song makes at least a well-prepared case for Brannon being the most rock and roll singer who ever lived. I can't understand most of the words. I am not allowed to understand most of the words. I'm not worthy of that. He does make a reference to Popeye the Sailor Man, which indicates to me that he knows his nautical history. "Hell's Kitchen" is the most ammoniated song I've heard lately. If you breathe it through your nose you're going to feel a massive burn, but on the bright side your house stands a good chance of being clean.

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