Song Of The Day 5/31/2014: Alice Cooper vs. Earth, Wind & Fire - "Alice In Boogie Wonderland" (MadMixMustang)

M*A*S*H*U*P Week: So if this blog made any money, M*A*S*H*U*P Week would have been its Black Friday. If last week's pageviews were dollars I could afford that real top-of-the-line Happy Meal, with the chokeable toy surprise inside. I honestly thought the week might tank. But you convinced me the world is still very much in the market for forced juxtapositions, clashing opposites and anything whatsoever connected to the Broadway show Grease. It's been heartening.

Having said that, I'm not entirely sure about this one (in fact it might change -- if you're reading this now, obviously it didn't). It's engineered well and all that. But this blend of Alice Cooper's "School's Out" and EWF's "Boogie Wonderland" lacks a chorus. Musically, there's really no way to wedge in the chorus of "School's Out" into "Boogie Wonderland," because there's a sudden key change. Vince Furnier was savvy like that. Maybe they should have called in a third party, or asked what Public Enemy was doing.

Thanks for your near constant patronage and reposting of M*A*S*H*U*P Week's many gilded treasures. Next week's full of showtunes, just to prove I don't really care about metrics. Enjoy!

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