Song Of The Day 5/5/2014: Aarzemnieki - "Cake To Bake"

I’m Ovision – Eurovision!: Today's 2014 Eurovision Song Contestant comes from Latvia. As with yesterday's song from Switzerland, Aarzemnieki (I'm assuming it's just the guy who's named Aarzemnieki) takes the English language on some compelling detours which, if not grammatically in error, are phrases most likely unspoken in English-based civilizations like New York, London, Tijuana and Oslo:
I created the plan for the Chinese wall
Went to desert, made it rain
Swam through a shark tank, bloodily
Found Atlantis by the way...
I talked to a unicorn the other night
He took me up on a lonely star
Did the moon walk on the Milky Way
Realized I’ve gone too far
Yeah, that was one big problem when the Berlin Wall came down: they let all the unicorns out and let 'em run amok all over the former Soviet states. At least they came equipped with their own sickles, amirite?

I like to think of "Cake To Bake" as the commoner's sequel to "MacArthur Park," where they either save the cake that's been out in the rain or use the recipe that Richard Harris was apparently too traumatized to re-employ the first time. The video takes place in a makeshift commune in the Latvian barrens. Most hearteningly, it proves that finally, 20 years later, Latvia finally "gets" Rusted Root. Bake on, Aarzy. Bake on.
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