Mixtape #4: Latent & Blatant

Remember when I used to make mix "tapes" and post 'em here? Well stop remembering and start living, Time/Life Records, 'cause I'm doing it again!

This is a mix of '70s rock that I spliced together the other night. No intended message. Hope you enjoy it. More mixtapes to come. Song list:
  • DJ Paul Shrug feat. Jean Kasem - "Don't Stand So Close To Meat"
  • Iron Virgin - "Teenage Love Affair"
  • Bearded Lady - "Rock Star"
  • Crackers - "Judy Judy Judy"
  • (Alex Chilton)
  • Alex Chilton - "Take Me Home And Make Me Like It"
  • Hard Stuff - "Hobo"
  • Jackie Avery - "Love Is Bigger Than Baseball"
  • Spirit - "Mr. Skin"
  • (Leather Tuscadero)
  • Suzi Quatro - "Sticks & Stones"
  • The Raspberries - "I Don't Know What I Want"
  • (Lance Loud)
  • The Mumps - "Crocodile Tears"
  • Tuff Darts - "(Your Love Is Like) Nuclear Waste"
  • Bryan Ferry - "This Is Tomorrow"
  • Mungo Jerry - "Memoirs Of a Stockbroker"
  • Kenny - "Baby I Love You, OK"
  • Michael Nesmith - "Release"
  • Alex Chilton - "Sugar Sugar"
  • Supertramp - "Even In the Quietest Moments"

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