Song Of The Day 6/11/2014: Mel & Tim - "Don’t Mess With My Money, My Honey or My Woman"

Black Music Month/Memphis Week: I'm playing kind of fast and loose with the facts regarding locales in this series. Mel & Tim's only real connection to Memphis as far as I can tell was that their second label, Stax, was based there. That's how they're squeezing into this week. In truth they were products of Mississippi who relocated to Chicago to record for Gene Chandler's label. Their last two studio albums for Stax were made in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Detailed information on the two cousins is hard to come by, but I can relate that they had one bonafide Top 10 pop hit, the somewhat squirmy football metaphor "Backfield In Motion," and a pure piece of magnificence called "Starting All Over Again" which you'd know if you heard it. (Here, hear it!) "Don't Mess With My Money, etc." was from the Starting All Over Again album and is a winking jab to the distantly Communist tenor of sharing that misted all over the early '70s thanks to hippies, Easy Rider and Coca-Cola. Don't get too grabby, Captain America.

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