Song Of The Day 6/21/2014: Bunny Sigler - "I Lied"

Black Music Month/Philadelphia Week: I thought I'd wind up my virtual tour of Philadelphia as if I owned the place (I've been there once) with someone who actually does own a sizable chunk of Philadelphia history. Bunny Sigler did a little of everything. Well, now, he did a lot of everything. I suppose he was a songwriter first, with composing credits on songs by the O'Jays, Wilson Pickett,  Joe Simon, Billy Paul, The Three Degrees, just a bunch of them. He had his own singing career in the '70s with one song hitting the R&B Top 10 in 1978: "Let Me Party With You (Part 1) (Party, Party, Party)." I love it when somebody else does the consecutive parenthetical phrases besides myself. He also semi-discovered (or may have done it mostly, I'm not totally sure) the disco band Instant Funk after they had backed him up on some dates, and he produced their hit "I Got My Mind Made Up," one of the greatest disco hits of all time. "I Lied" kind of covers a bit of every turn of the R&B genre he mastered, from the gritty to the smooth. And the final minute pours it on. Dress warmly.

I'd love to spend more time in Philadelphia -- in a virtual sense -- but for the final week of Black Music Month we're going to a metropolis with a storied history, glittering towers, and a magical sense of... of... well, it's Detroit. We're going to Detroit.

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